The Biggest Loser Important to see !

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The Biggest Loser Important to see !

Post by Admin on Wed 13 Mar - 8:35

The Biggest Loser was the original weight loss show. Set up around the premise of competitive weight loss,

the show has heart and takes the time to delve into the emotional and psychological aspects of weight gain and sustained weight loss.

Now entering its eleventh season, the show has grown into an entire culture that includes an online weight loss club, charity based weight loss program, cookbooks, video games and a myriad of retail products.

As part of NBC programming, The Biggest Loser reaches millions of viewers and has become so popular that they show runs two seasons per year.

The popularity of the show can be contributed to any of a number of things—harsh trainers that are fun to watch, backstabbing competition, heartwarming family stories or solid diet and fitness advice.

Most will agree that The Biggest Loser, despite its cute gameplay and intriguing twists,

presents an honest look at developing healthy habits and losing weight through hard work.

Even more refreshing is the show's openness about former "losers" struggle after leaving the show,

and the constant battle past contestants face to maintain dramatic weight loss. Perspiration,

definitely- Inspiration- absolutely- humiliation- not so much.


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